I just want to say “THANK YOU” to ALL the guys and gals who helped make the Lenoir City Street Festival and Car Show this past Saturday, September 24, 2022, a success. 

The dedication and professionalism of those who volunteered was second to none, and was noticed by not only the Lenoir City Civitan officials, but by the Shriners as well. Both the Civitan and the Shriners were impressed on how easy we made it look, how quickly we got everyone into position and thanked us for our help. And the Shriners, who are taking over the event, have invited us back to provide assistance next year.

I wish to thank the following, whether communicating with the Civitan Parking Staff, Shriners, vendors, show car owners or Law Enforcement Officers : Paul KJ4G, and Donna Eakin WQ4M, Ralph KN4TUY, and Robin Monserrat KO4PNC, Chuck Ferguson N4CSF, Tom Sullivan W8MKL, John Kiley KB4TV, Lou Mancuso KO4KYM, Mike K4MJF and Karen Foley. You all made this event truly fun, and a success.

In closing, this goes to show just how well we adapt, especially for a function which several had not done before. It’s the dedication, the patience, and the urge to help others that makes great communicators, and that experience is invaluable. The dedication these folks have shown to support our hobby, and make it shine, stood above and beyond, and before we even left the event, we received an invitation from the event coordinators to return next year to help. That speaks volumes to the exceptional volunteers that did such a fantastic job.

I look forward to working with you again.


Mike Foley, K4MJF